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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Do You Recognize One?

Every now and then I like to repost this post I wrote in 2010. I meet people everyday who are dealing with one of these and perhaps you are too. I'm also reposting with the comments. Feel free to leave one of your own.

They have existed through the centuries and I would bet that almost everyone has fallen prey to one. It may have been a chance encounter that left us temporarily exhausted, or possibly a long term interaction with serious effects on the mind and body. You may live with one or work with one. Some warning signs that may make you aware that you're "under attack" are: tiredness, fatigue, depression, headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling drained, anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares. If the attacks continue, then you can become very ill, both physically and psychologically, especially if this goes on for a length of time. What am I speaking of? Psychic vampires.

What is a psychic vampire and why am I speaking of them? Because they are consumers of our energy rather than our blood. They are a person who feeds off of our life force, or our joy of life until we feel drained and exhausted. Their goal in their day is to drain others emotionally, either empathically (draining your auric life force) or metaphorically (taking emotionally without giving anything back; a "user"). They are men or women, young or old. They can be children, teens, or adults. Professionals in business suits, business associates, next door neighbors, friends, or even family members. They are energy parasites and we meet one every day in one place or another. I would almost bet you are thinking of a person now whose influence leaves you feeling exhausted, unfocused and depressed. Despite the havoc they wreak, psychic vampires are not evil life suckers, but rather people caught in a debilitating cycle of energy addiction, and no, they do not possess supernatural powers. Deficient in energy, and with their own happiness impaired, they seek other options- like yours. Most often they will not stop until they accomplish their mission of making your life miserable and tired. Misery loves company after all, and to see another person happy and fulfilled is their nightmare. They must feed off of you and "take you down."

The saddest part is most people don't even realize what is happening. They "know" the person is negative but yet they endure the nonsense of the "vampire" until one day they reach a breaking point.

I have endured to many an encounter with them in life and recognize one when I happen on them. I avoid this type of person like the plague (and amazingly it leaves few people left to associate with!). It is my mission today to alert the masses to these types of attacks on their well being so that the day is more pleasantly endured and as meaningful as it should be.

If you recognize yourself as a "psychic vampire" after reading this post, please take action to change your course in life. If you do not, you will never experience a day of true happiness.

If you suddenly feel emotionally or mentally depleted be on the alert. The unfortunate effects of prolonged energy loss are damage to the energy system itself and in some instances, serious illness.

Do you recognize any of these types of "vampires" in your life? If so, take action now to remove yourself from them lest you become their next victim. It is nearly impossible to avoid them altogether, we must work and assimilate in to the masses after all. But if you can see what is happening and recognize it, forewarned is forearmed.

Vampire #1: The Narcissist
Their motto is “Me first.” Everything is all about them. With a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement, they demand attention, and crave admiration. They're dangerous because they lack empathy and have a limited capacity for unconditional love. If you don't do things their way, they become punishing, withholding, or cold.

When dealing with this type of person keep your expectations realistic. These are emotionally limited people. Try not to fall in love with one or expect them to be selfless or love without strings attached. Never make your self-worth dependent on them or confide your deepest feelings to someone who won't cherish them. To successfully communicate, the hard truth is that you must show how something will be to their benefit. This tedious ego stroking is very tiresome to say the least, but if the relationship is unavoidable use the above strategies to protect yourself.

Vampire #2: The Victim (oh how many times a day do we come across this person??)
These vampires grate on you with their “poor-me' attitude and are allergic to taking responsibility for their actions. The world is always against them, and everything is the reason for their unhappiness. When you offer a solution to their problems they always say, “Yes, but.” Actually that could be their motto. You might end up screening your calls or purposely avoid them. As a friend, you may want to help but their tales of woe overwhelm you. In your quest to "offer help" they drain you of your life force.

With this person you must set firm limits. Listen briefly and tell a friend or relative, “I love you but I can only listen for a few minutes unless you want to discuss solutions. Then I'd be thrilled to brainstorm with you.” With a coworker, listen briefly, sympathize by saying, “I'll keep good thought for things to work out. Then say, I hope you understand, but I'm on deadline and must go back to work. Then use “this isn't a good time” body language such as crossing your arms and breaking eye contact to help set these healthy limits.

Vampire #3: The Controller
These people obsessively try to control you and dictate what you're supposed to be and feel. They have an opinion about everything. They'll attempt to control you by invalidating your emotions if they don't fit into their rulebook. They often start sentences with “You know what you need?” and then proceed to tell you. You end up feeling dominated, demeaned, or put down. (I seem to have a built in force field for this type of person. My ego, stubbornness and "I can do it myself" attitude usually puts this type of person off and I find they avoid me. This is the only type I have been able to "ward off" easily.)

The secret to success with this type of person is to never try and control a controller. (In fact head for the hills if you encounter one or you will be annoyed beyond belief) Be healthily assertive, but don't tell them what to do. You can say, “I value your advice but really need to work through this myself.” Be confident but don't play the victim or sweat the small stuff. Focus on high priority issues rather than on menial issues.

Vampire #4: The Splitter or Borderline Personality
I seem to have encountered many of these in my journeys through life. Do you recognize one? A Splitter sees things as either good or bad and have love/hate relationships. One minute they idealize you, the next you're the enemy if you upset them. They have a sixth sense for knowing how to pit people against each another and will retaliate if they feel you have wronged them. They are people who are fundamentally damaged inwardly and they feel as if they don't exist and become alive when they get angry. They'll keep you on an emotional rollercoaster and you may walk on eggshells to avoid their anger. I have worked with more of these than I can count and I would bet my next dollar that there is one in your workplace as well.

In your attempts to ward off this vampire try to stay calm. Don't react when your buttons get pushed. (Yes I know, this is much easier said than done) Splitters feed off of anger. They respond best to structure and limit setting. If one goes into a rage, tell the person, “I'm leaving until you get calmer. Then we can talk.” Refuse to take sides when he or she tries to turn you against someone else. With family members, it's best to show a united front and not let a splitter's venomous opinions poison your relationships.

Am I correct in assuming you know or work with one or more of these suckers of our energy? How do I deal with them you ask?

Simply refuse to accept that the person can harm you and actually believe this to be true. Their efforts will either dissipate or, having nowhere else to go, will return to them the sender - the psychic vampire.

This may seem to simple, but it works and the rebound can cause considerable problems for the person who will find themselves beset by the troubles they have tried to cause for others. However, it takes a strong mind to adopt this sort of attitude. If you feel you are particularly vulnerable to the thoughts or actions of another then it is very important for you to act in your own defense. This is something the psychic vampire rarely comes across or considers (that you will be able to defend yourself) so your actions in reversing their influence over you will be even that more strongly and rapidly manifested.

You must acknowledge that you play a role in the experience, and you are no longer willing to do so. Say firmly and clearly aloud or think it to yourself, "No one else can have my energy. My need to give is fulfilled through healthy means." Visualize severing those ties in whatever way comes to you. Do this clearing, affirming, meditating and severing until you feel you mean it and it is complete. Relief and new energy will follow within a few days.

If you feel you need a little more protection than just words, there are crystals you can wear or carry to help empower yourself. They can be very effective and below you will find a list of the most popular crystals and stones used for this purpose. Wear one around your neck, wrist or on your finger or just put one in your pocket. Take back control of your life.

Amethyst: Protective against dark energy.

Banded/Zebra Agate: Good for general psychic protection and to prevent you from absorbing another's negativity.

Black Moonstone: Good for general psychic protection.

Black Obsidian: Good for basic psychic defense.

Black Onyx: A good aid to grounding.

Blue Aventurine: Protective against psychic vampires.

Blue Tiger Eye: Protective against negative energy for healers.

Brown Tiger Eye: Helps protect against unwanted spirits.

Brachiated Jasper: A good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender.

Calcopyrite: It is generally protective against psychic attack.

Carnelian: Protective against psychic intrusion.

Chiastolite: One of the best for all-round psychic protection.

Clear Quartz: Protective against negative energy and will transmute it to positive energy.

Garnet: Good for general protection.

Green Moss Agate: It will protect your aura from negativity.

Hematite: Good for grounding and general protection.

Howlite (Natural): Protective against unwanted ghosts and phantoms.

Kyanite: It is THE anti-negativity stone. It doesn't just repel it, it destroys it.

Lapis Lazuli: An all-round protective shield.

Mookaite: It is protective against negativity.

Red Jasper: A good psychic shield that returns negative energy to the sender.

Red Tiger Eye: Protective against the evil eye.

Rhodonite: It can be used to ward off negativity and psychic attacks.

Rose Quartz: Another good stone to help with grounding.

Volcano Spit Stone..Also Known As...

Hematite. Hematite is one of the most grounding of all stones (root chakra) and aids in intuition. Used as a meditative stone, Hematite grounds information through the crown chakra and energies from other realities into this physical reality.

Hematite jewelry was highly sought after and popular in Europe during the Victorian era, and regained popularity when rediscovered in jewelry pieces carved by Native Americans. Known best as carved and sculptured pieces, it sports a unique, unmatched dark metallic color, a shade of smoky-silvery black with a unique and  unmistaken shiny charcoal charm. It encourages spontaneity and zest for life and is said to protect the wearer's vital energy and guarantee survival.

FOLK NAME: Volcano Spit
ENERGY: Projective
PLANET: Saturn
POWERS: Healing, Grounding, Divination

Hematite is a strange stone. It's name alone is something of a mystery. To ancients, hematite was what we now know as bloodstone, so virtually all magical information relating to "hematite" in old books refers to bloodstone. In Italy and elsewhere, it is fashioned into necklaces which are sold as "volcano spit." Magical information relating to this stone is scarce. Hematite possesses the curious property of "healing" itself. Make a small scratch on the surface of the stone, and then rub your finger over it. The scratch may disappear.

Hematite is said to be powerful in drawing illness from the body. As with all stones, it's held in the hands while visualizing, then placed on the skin directly over the afflicted area. A necklace of small stones can also be worn for healing. Hematite is worn for grounding and stabilizing purposes, and to focus the attention on the physical plane.

Hematite is said to have been traditionally used in the construction of "magic mirrors," and is believed to be able reflect back any negativity from whence it came. For this reason, it is often used in scrying.

In ancient Egypt, Hematite was carved into "pillows" and was often used in death/rebirth ceremonies with the deceased. It was also utilized as an inscription stone for certain passages from the Book of the Dead. It was in this part of the world that Hematite's magic was also put into service by being made into protection amulets, and also as jewelry worn by those in mourning. The original "Bloodstone," the ancient Egyptians used this mineral to aid in curing abnormalities and diseases of the blood, to reduce inflammation, and to treat hysteria. Hematite amulets have been found in nearly every pharaoh's tomb as a support in the afterlife.

The early Romans would crush the mineral and rub its red powder onto their bodies, believing this would bestow courage, strength, and a general invulnerability. Native Americans utilized Hematite to make red face paint called red ochre, often when on a warpath. Ancient myth has it that large deposits of Hematite were formed wherever battles were fought and wherever blood flowed as a result of those battles.

Engraved seals made of Hematite have been found in the ancient ruins of Babylon.

To cleanse and restore the properties of this beautiful stone, bury it in the earth for 24 hours or more. For the polished stones a quick rinse under running water helps revitalize the mineral's natural water element properties adding further enhancement to its heavy earth element structure.

Metaphysical Properties:
Astrological Sign(s): Capricorn, Aries
Element(s): Earth, Water
Chakra(s): Root
Mental attunement
Memory enhancement
Calm reasoning
Promotes tranquility
Dissolves negativity
Promotes self-control, strength, stability, originality
Attracts harmony

This stone also gives physical aid in treating:
Leg cramps, blood disorders, anemia, kidney disorders.
Helps with nervous disorders, insomnia, anxiety.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Colors For Friday...

Include pink and aqua. Some suggestions for Friday enchantments include carrying a rose quartz. It will send out some gentle and loving vibes to those crabby co-workers or people you have to mingle with that have a less than jovial quality about them today.

Work a little flower magic and enchant a single pink rose for friendship and inner beauty, set it on your desk or somewhere you can see and enjoy it today.

Empower a red rose for passion and place it in your bedroom. Burning rose scented candles encourage the same effect.

Share a romantic snack with your partner. Lovely strawberries are love inducing food, and are sacred to many love goddesses, including today's patroness, Freya.

Did you realize there is tree symbolism for Friday? The Apple Tree is the custodian of wisdom and sign of the soul. Freya, the goddess of wisdon walks through heaven dispensing golden apples to the gods which will give them the gift of wisdom and understanding. To grow an apple tree in the garden is a happy omen!

The Druids believed that apple trees grow in the Celtic paradise. The apple tree's star is Venus. King Arthur was taken to the Vale of Avalon, the Apple Vale to heal his wounds. The apple tree man ;) dwells in the middle of the apple trees. He is the guardian of their fertility and the fairy protector of the spirit of the goddess.

Drink to the health of the apple tree with a good glass of cider in hopes of encouraging your tree to produce a good crop next year.

Wishes for a wonderful day from Freya the Friday Fairy!

Trouble Sleeping?

Gemstones have been used throughout history, not only for their beauty, but also for healing and spiritual rituals. To those of us who believe in them they are storehouses of empowerment, transmitted through contact with one’s body. They are recognized by modern science in the technological uses of crystals in watches, lasers, and computers etc, and there is no denying that all stones or gems have magnetic powers in varying degrees.

If you suffer from sleepless nights, try wearing one of the following stones, or place one under your pillow.

Amethyst, Hematite, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Silver, Sulfur, Topaz

It's Upon Us Again...

Flu Season. It seems that it arrives more quickly every year and with it looming over us, I have become concerned with warding it off.

While rummaging through my home remedies, the thought occurred to me that everyone needs to know some tips on warding off the flu as best they can naturally. In addition to the flu there are hundreds of cold viruses, and unfortunately, one of them will certainly make an appearance for everyone during this fall and winter season.

There are a number of natural substances that help the immune system fight the viruses causing colds and flu. They've been used in folk medicine long before the first antibiotic was even discovered. Before ingesting herbs please consider any pharmaceuticals you may be taking for other ailments. Herbs are natural drugs and as such can interact with medications. If you have questions please consult your doctor.

Wild Oregano possesses superior anti microbial powers, capable of bringing fast relief from cold and flu symptoms (runny nose, congestion, chills, sore throat, ear aches, cough, fever, fatigue, stuffiness and muscle aches) because it is able to kill the virus which is their cause. Oregano oil has incredible antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal effects. Studies show it also has unrivaled antiseptic (pain-killing) qualities. Many studies have shown that oregano oil can improve the symptoms and shorten the duration of the common cold and flu. Oregano oil has been proven effective against a variety of microorganisms. The best part is that oregano oil is completely non-toxic and does not cause any side effects.

The Olive Leaf-Studies show that Olive Leaf extract is a potent anti-microbial that has inhibited the growth of every human pathogen it has been tested against, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and yeast.

Echinacea has a rich tradition of use by North American Indians who used it medicinally more than any other plant. Echinacea stimulates the overall activity of the cells responsible for fighting all kinds of infection. In other words, it makes our own immune cells more efficient in attacking bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells; including cancer cells.

Golden Seal has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. Golden Seal has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes irritated mucus membranes, aiding the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Taken at the first signs of respiratory problems, Golden Seal may help prevent further symptoms from developing. It may be used to help reduce fevers and relive congestion and excess mucous.

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been used since the days of the Egyptians to treat wounds, infections, tumors, and intestinal parasites. The Allicin in garlic is responsible for many of it's healing properties. It stimulates the immune system, increasing the activity of white blood cells that fight foreign organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and yeast. Garlic is particularly effective in treating upper respiratory viral infections due to its immune-enhancing properties and its ability to clear mucous from the lungs.

Astragalus is a Chinese herb that has traditionally been used to strengthen the Wei Ch'i, or immune system. It is regarded as a potent tonic for increasing energy levels and stimulating the immune function. It has been proven effective in cases of colds, flu and even cancer. It improves the white cell function and general resistance to infection.

Zinc on the immune system is well known. According to medical studies, it can reduce the average duration of colds by 7 days and decrease the severity of all cold symptoms to virtually nonexistent after the third day!

Vitamin C is well known for its ability to fight viruses and bacteria by stimulating the white cells, which are the "soldiers" of the immune system. Vitamin C may be the most important antioxidant when it comes to immune system function. It works well with other immune activators and does not cause any side effects.

Above all, eat well, get plenty of rest, wash your hands often. A healthy and happy fall and winter to you!

Lucky Number Four

Numbers have been thought to hold mystic significance from the beginning of time. If you have a lucky number, or a certain number keeps coming up in your life, it would be wise to pay attention to that number's meaning. Some believe that a person's number could even represent the development of the soul.

If Four is your lucky number, it's your day. The number four is closely connected to the order of the world. It deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. Consider the four seasons, four directions and four elements. Fours represent solidity, calmness, and home. A recurrence of four in your life may signify the need to get back to your roots, center yourself, or even "plant" yourself. Fours also indicate a need for persistence and endurance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summer's End

"In the garden, Autumn is, indeed the crowning glory of the year, bringing us the fruition of months of thought and care and toil.
And at no season, safe perhaps in Daffodil time, do we get such superb colour effects as from August to November."
- Rose G. Kingsley, The Autumn Garden, 1905

It is my hope that you have all had a wonderful and relaxing summer season! Cleaning up the garden, shorter days, cozy fires, the aromas of freshly baked treats from the oven...that is fall to me and I welcome it after the heat of the summer.

 Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn!

The Hydrangea..Flower For Libra September 24 - October 23

Considered by many to be the most desirable of the zodiac signs, because it represents the zenith of the year when the harvest of spring’s hard work is reaped, the Libra – with its symbol of the scales, personifies perfect balance and harmony. Romantic and charming, those born under this air sign are naturally kind and gentle.

Your birth sign flower is the Hydrangea. With strong wooden stems and lacey, star-shaped pom-poms, hydrangeas personify the balance of opposites – a fitting choice for Libras.

A Libra is idealistic · a peacemaker · diplomatic · perfectionist · romantic · refined · poised · gracious · kind · courteous · fair-minded · sociable · charming · artistically creative · cooperative.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scent Your Cottage...

With homemade Maple Cinnamon Applesauce! I love homemade applesauce and used to make it for my children when they were young. It not only tastes wonderful but fills your cottage the with the scent of apples, maple and cinnamon. It's so easy you'll wonder why you haven't made it before now! This recipe yields about 3 1/2 cups

6 McIntosh, Granny Smith or other tart apples, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
2 Golden Delicious or other sweet apple, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Combine apple pieces and water in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to maintain a simmer. Cover and cook, stirring once or twice, until the apples are very soft and falling apart, about 30 minutes. Mash the apples to the desired consistency and stir in maple syrup and cinnamon. I like to leave a few large chunks of apple in the applesauce for various texture.

Store in refrigerator. This recipe is also great on vanilla ice cream or even in crepes!

Homemade French Onion Soup For Crockpot

If you love French Onion Soup and would like to make some homemade without a lot of trouble, here is a great recipe.

6 onions (white, Vidalia, your choice)
2 (10 ounce) cans beef consomme
2 (14 ounce) cans beef broth
1 (1 ounce) package of dry french onion dip mix (use 2 if you like it REALLY oniony)
Slice or chop onions, then mix all of the above in a crock pot and set it for 8 hours.
To Serve: Add one slice of dry crusty french bread into each bowl and pour soup over the bread into the bowl. Cover with Gruyere or Jarlsberg Cheese and put under the broiler for about 2 minutes until cheese bubbles and gets a little brown.

Stop by again soon!